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SUSPENSION FRAME: Any body, rack, or equivalent framework suitable for the purpose of suspension. Popular configurations of suspension frames contain an open "box" with mounting factors along its higher edges, where an individual might be suspended in order that the individual hangs horizontally in the box; a rectangular upright frame, from which an individual could possibly be suspended with rope or suspension cuffs; and an extended wood or metal pole, supported by two legs on Each individual finish, from which an individual may be suspended by ropes.

ENDORPHINS: Naturally-happening opiate-like chemical substances manufactured from the Mind in reaction to pain, which block ache and may develop a euphoric sensation. The euphoria in some cases explained by people that engage in BDSM is often attributed to endorphins.

Sexual arousal from becoming whipped, overwhelmed, or flogged. RHAPHANIDOSIS: The observe of positioning a peeled radish in the anus, which makes an extreme sensation that some individuals obtain pleasurable. See linked

Earning the penis show up extended. Pulling the testicles down and clear of The bottom in the penis stretches the pores and skin more than The bottom of the penis and pubic bone, exposing the extra inch or so of penile shaft that is certainly Usually hidden from see.

Utilized as Portion of cock and ball torture in a BDSM marriage, the parachute provides a continuing drag, and a squeezing effect on the testicles. Reasonable weights of three–five kg is often suspended, Specially during bondage, while often A lot heavier weights are utilised.

CATHERINE'S WHEEL: A big, upright wheel, commonly product of wood, to which someone could be certain and then rotated to any place.

This practice is believed so far back again to Victorian occasions, when it absolutely was utilized at the side of caning as a way for disciplining errant Girls.

A testicle cuff is a ring-shaped gadget across the scrotum amongst your body along with the testicles which when shut won't enable the testicles to slip by means of it. A standard variety has two linked cuffs, one particular round the scrotum and one other within the base of your penis.

Lots of people exterior the BDSM Neighborhood associate collars with animals or Animals, and erroneously think that a collar is a sign Our site of humiliation or is utilized to dehumanize a submissive; on the other hand, the symbolic value of a collar throughout the BDSM community is totally various.

A cock harness is really a penile sex toy created to be worn round the penis and scrotum. Its purpose is analogous to that of a cock ring. These devices are often connected to BDSM functions.

BALL GAG: A gag consisting of a ball, commonly made from rubber, which happens to be hooked up to some strap. The ball is placed within the mouth along with the strap is positioned throughout the head to hold it securely in position.

CINCH: one. To use a cincher, typically pretty tightly and occasionally as a method of physique modification. two. To tie with rope by making a number of windings of rope all-around two limbs, or all-around a limb and a fixed item, then passing a loop of rope round the windings. The loop of rope is utilized to regulate the tightness on the binding. three. To tie a cinch knot.

BUTTERFLY CHAIR: A chair which incorporates two horizontal planks to which the legs might be secured, affixed to a pivot such the legs of the secured man or woman is usually unfold aside.

FEMDOM: An influence Trade romantic relationship by which the dominant is female. Normally (although not usually) utilized to make reference to a marriage amongst a female dominant and also a male submissive.

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